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Private Parties

NickelRama is a fabulous place for your absolute Private Party. A Party that offers you our entire facilty We would be closed to the general publicduring your time slot. You can bring in your own food and drink(no glass, no alcohol). In order to secure this private party you would need to purchase all 5 rows of our cafeteria style tables. 5 x $69.95 = $349.75! You would be able to have up to 150 free guests, and we would post that we will be closed to the general public during your time frame. Actual table time is 1 hour and 45 minutes and nickels are available from the cash registers, change machines or you may bring your own. Private parties are limited to a very select set of available time frames. If interested, you should plan well in advance to get your reservation. The following days and times are open to these private parties.

Saturday's at 9am

This is a great time to have a private party! Purchase all 5 rows, $349.75 and you will have an amazing party. Your actual table time would be from 9am to 10:45am! If you choose this morning option we would close to the public during your party and open to the public at 11am. You would need to vacate the table space at 10:45am but would be welcome to stay a play longer if you so desired. A totally AWESOME experiance

Sunday's at 11am or 9pm

These are also terrific prime slots. Have your private party at 11am! Your actual table time is 1 hour and 45 minutes, 11am to 12:45. We would open to the public at 1pm. Have your party at 9pm with actual table time from 9pm to 10:45! Go to our reservations page and purchase all 5 rows in one of these designated time slots. We will then close to the public during your party time. If less than 5 slots are available to purchase, the opportunity for a private party no longer would exist in that time slot. Nickelrama would extend closing to 11pm if tables are booked.

Monday through Thursday's - 7pm

Monday through Thursday's are available for the private party you are looking for Table time from 7pm to 8:45pm. This may be a perfect time to host a Birthday, Sports, or even Company party and impress your group with a unique idea. This option is only available if 5 slots remain in the designated time frame. If less than 5 remain you are still welcome to book a normal party. Nickelrama closes at 9pm on Monday through Thursday's.

Friday's at 9pm

Imagine a Friday night Private Party at Nickelrama! Purchase a 5 rows at 9pm and host the party of a lifetime. This option is only available if 5 rows of our cafeteria style tables remain open for purchase. Make your plans well in advance so that you can secure this option. Our friendly staff will host one of the most memorable parties imaginable. Your actual table time would be from 9pm to 10:45pm. Nickelrama closes at 11pm on Friday's.


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